Intimate Encounters

Faye had volunteered, after being asked several times, to be my first photographic model. I had borrowed a penthouse flat from a couple of friends who were away for the weekend with a glass walled bedroom that overlooked a panoramic vista of London and has a substantial roof garden as well. I had also purchased a few fetish props, handcuffs, a whip, and a black strap on dildo.

I picked Faye up from her place in Kings Cross and we headed for the penthouse. On the way I explained that I was looking for a few shots of Faye as a mistress, whip in hand and looking mean. I also said that my ex girlfriend Lara would be along later to do some shots too. Faye was studying to be an actress so readily agreed to the role. Faye was a young American woman with long blonde hair, a cute nose and a slender figure. Most of the times I had seen her she was dressed in clubbing gear or just everyday jeans but today she had chosen a strappy dress that showed slices of skin from thigh to shoulder and left no doubt that there was nothing on underneath.

We proceeded to take a number of photographs, starting out with some moody shots of Faye against the backdrop of London and progressing towards some darker images of her as a mistress. Eventually we got around to the strap on and although she was familiar with the concept I had to help Faye get into the harness and fit it snugly to her.

Faye was wearing black shorts over fishnet stockings and a suspender belt, high heels, a black bra and a leather jacket along with a choker necklace. Her hair was pulled up high into a strict ponytail. She made quite the impact posing in the bedroom, glaring at me through the camera.

‘You know what’ she said

‘What?’ I replied

‘I’ve always wanted to use one of these but I’ve never had the balls to do it’

‘Is that a joke? You know balls, you need balls to use a strap on, because guys have balls’

‘No that’s not what I meant’ she said ‘I’ve always wanted to use one of these on a guy’

‘Show me what you mean’ I said.

Faye got on the bed on all fours and mimed a fucking motion with her hips, the end of the strap on digging into the bed as she did so.

‘Like that’ she said

‘And you want to do that to a guy? Because I thought you were into girls?’

‘No I like guys and girls, but with girls it’s all about the touching and guys it’s all about the fucking. I’d like to try a bit of turnaround’

‘Well there’s just you and me here Faye’ I said

‘How about…’ she hesitated ‘You want to fuck me don’t you?’

‘Errr. Well of course, you’re really cute… and sexy… and really clever’ I replied.

‘How about we take turns then. I fuck you with this and then you get to fuck me with it’

‘Jesus’ I said ‘That ‘s quite a proposal, but I’m not sure I can do that’

‘Trust me’ she said ‘I’ll make it worth it’

With a shaking hand I put down the camera and went over to Faye. We started to kiss and Faye pressed herself up against me, the rubber dildo squeezing against my thigh. Faye pushed me back onto the bed so that I was lying down. ‘Just lie back and trust me’ she said undoing my belt.

Faye undressed me slowly and caressed me,  already had a stiff member and she placed a few kisses against the tip before  running her tongue down the underside and gently nibbling my balls. She lifted my legs so that my knees were bent and my bottom exposed. Faye ran her tongue down and over my anus. With the aid of little flicks and squirms of her tongue Faye gradually worked her saliva into my back passage, then she rubbed a finger around and around before slowly pressing it inside me.

Having worked one finger inside Faye then proceeded with a second, accompanied by much licking with her tongue. The pressure of two fingers inside me was strange at first but soon became very pleasurable and my erection was stiffer than ever. I lied back and closed my eyes, relaxing as Faye worked a third finger into me.  Faye started slowly sliding all three fingers in and out, carefully building up a rhythm that got faster and faster.

‘Are you ready for something more?’ she said, slowing the pace of her fingers.

‘Oh god yes’ I gasped.

Faye shuffled forward until the tip of the dildo was nestled against my bottom, with one hand on my chest and the other guiding the dildo she placed it against my anus and started pressing her weight against it.

‘The secret is to just relax and it will slide right in’ she said ‘I’ve been screwed in the ass and it’s easy as soon as you let go’

I nodded, not able to speak with the pressure of the dildo against my anus, and the thought of Faye taking something like this in her back passage. The moment of distraction was all it took and the end of the dildo slid into me. Faye wiggled her hips and applied a constant pressure and within a a few eternal moments she had worked the dildo all the way inside me, her hips pressed flat against me and the incredible sensation of being utterly filled suffusing me.

‘There we go, who’s a good boy’ she said and kissed me hard.

Faye proceeded to fuck me with the strap on, slowly sliding it all the way out and then back in again. As the painful pressure abated and I became accustomed to the length of the dildo Faye picked up speed.

‘That’s it, who’s mummy’s little boy’ she repeated over and over as she worked harder and faster. I lay there, my senses overwhelmed as Faye fucked me as hard as she could with the dildo, my penis twitching with the need to come. Faye cried out and stopped, having worked herself to a climax just from her motion against me. She collapsed against me whispering in my ear ‘It’s my turn now, it’s my turn now’

A minute later we untangled ourselves and flopped back onto the bed. ‘Oh my, look at that’ said Faye string at my erect member ‘I think he deserves a treat’. Faye stood up and slowly stripped out of her clothes. I had never seen her naked before and she had small nipples on slim breasts and a tiny tuft of blonde hair above her shaved pussy.

Reaching into her bag Faye pulled out a slim black bottle. ‘This is what we need, it’s lube for me, here work it into me’ she handed me the bottle and turned round presenting her per bottom for me attention. I poured some of the slippery lube onto my fingers and worked it into Faye’s arse, my fingers slipping and sliding across her anus.

‘Ok that’s enough’ she said, turning round and taking the lube from me. She poured a little onto her fingers and carefully teased it onto the tip of my penis. Faye knelt above me and held my penis in her hand ‘We’re going to take this nice and easy, I don’t want you to come straightaway’ she said.

Faye slowly pressed herself onto me using her hand to guide me into her anus. I felt the head of my penis pop into her and she gasped and paused before gradually lowering herself all the way down until she was resting her full weight across my hips.

‘Oh, that’s a big cock’ she said ‘that’s going to take some fucking’

Faye leant back and closed her eyes ‘Touch my pussy’ she said ‘rub my clit’

I slid a finger tip into her soaking pussy and rubbed the wetness around until I found the right spot, ‘That’s it, right there’ she said. I started to make tiny circling motions with my fingers as Faye edged towards a second orgasm. A minute later I felt Faye’s anus spasm around my cock as she came again.

‘Make sure to tell me before you come’ she said ‘I want to watch it’

‘Unh’ I grunted as she lifted herself up, the sliding sensation against the skin of my member almost more than I could bear. Faye slid down again and I gritted my teeth, sucking in air as my cock invaded her arse all the way.

We carried on for an eternity, Faye slowly sliding up and down and me blowing air in and out, she never got so fast that I could come and never so slow that she stopped. A never ending sensation of skin on skin, an intimacy beyond eternity.

Faye started to gasp and moan, speeding up her motion, a flush of red building upon her neck, her hands pinching my legs painfully, her thighs clasped tightly across my hips. The speed set me off and I tried to hold back but it was too late and I spurted everything inside her anus as she rode me to an orgasm that was ten times the previous one, her arse spasming and clenching my cock as if to milk it of every last drop of come.

Moments later there was a ring on the doorbell. In the heat of the moment I had forgotten that Lara was going to be arriving. We quickly threw on some clothes and I hurried down to answer the door. It had been about a year since I Lara had dumped me and although I had gotten over it I was still a little nervous to meet her again.

I opened the door and Lara was hugging me straightaway, she looked as gorgeous as ever, long dark brown hair, beautiful face, and that film star smile. Faye came down the stairs, having slipped back into her strappy dress and I made introductions. It took Lara about thirty seconds to work out that she’d caught us in flagrante and she laughed and smiled. Faye and I looked at each other and realised that Lara knew and we broke down laughing as well.

I explained as best as I could through the laughter and Lara became quite interested.

‘Show me’ she said and we trooped upstairs to find the bedroom in a terrible state, the covers strewn around, toys and accessories spread across the floor, and a bottle of lube prominently displayed.

‘Looks like I missed out’ said Lara

‘I’m sure we can make it up to you’ said Faye, taking Lara’s hand in hers.

Lara’s eyes went wide and she opened her mouth.

‘Didn’t he tell you?’ said Faye ‘I like girls too. I like you a lot, you’re very beautiful. Can I undress you?’

Lara nodded her agreement and Faye stripped her out of her clothes, caressing and seducing her as she did so. They ended up naked and pressed together, locked in a deep lingering kiss. My erection returned with a force and I got out of my clothes and sat down on the bed.

Faye pushed Lara down to sit beside me and took a step back, eyeing us both up. Looking around she picked up the strap on and slipped it back onto her hips. She stood in front of us, her fists on her hips, the strap on pointing up at us, her shoulders back, and her eyes blazing.

‘Which of you pussies is going to get it first?’ she said

I opened my mouth to speak but was interrupted before I got a word out.

‘Shut up’ Faye said from now on you do exactly as I tell you. Got that’

Lara and I nodded.

‘I can’t hear you’

‘Yes mistress’ we chorused.

Faye directed me to lie down and had Lara climb on top of me. I watched Lara eyes roll up as Faye busied herself out of my line of sight, but she was obviously doing the right thing judging by Lara’s reactions.

I felt Faye’s hands on my cock as she guided it into Lara, with a few rocking motions I was all the way inside Lara and she was wild eyed with lust. Her breath heavy and hot. I felt Faye move onto the bed kneeling behind Lara between my legs. There was a bump of rubber against my cock and then Lara’s eyes shot open, her mouth an ‘O’ of surprise her voice gone, as Faye slid the lubed strap on into her arsehole.

Lara collapsed onto me but Faye bore down into her, filling her arse with rubber, I could feel the strap on pressing through Lara’s inside against my cock.

‘Holy shit’ said Lara, catching her breath, ’holy fucking shit’

‘I’m not finished yet babe’ said Faye ‘now it’s time for you to be fucked in the arse’

Lara closed her eyes as Faye slid the rubber cock out of her aching insides until just the tip remained inside her. I matched that motion  and then the motion back into Lara, oth my cock and the rubber one filling her every inch to bursting point.

‘Fuuuck’ said Lara

We repeated the movement again and Lara started to gasp, her breath ragged, her skin flushed, her muscles clenching.

‘Fuck her hard’ I said ‘she’s going to come’

Faye slid the strap on in and out of Lara much faster, repeating nonstop and building a rapid rhythm, I spread Lara’s buttocks to allow Faye to slam the rubber cock in as far as it would go while I pounded her pussy at the same time.

Lara began to come, shouting out at the top of her lungs, primitive noises from deep inside, I felt a wash of liquid against my cock and she collapsed, Faye falling on top of her and driving us together.

We laid like that for minutes, Lara’s breathing eventually evening out, her eyes opening.

‘You bastards’ she said ‘that was the hardest I’ve ever come’

‘You’re welcome’ said Faye ‘but now it’s my turn. Get you lazy ass up and do me good’

‘I’ve still got both of you inside me’ said Lara ‘oh God my arse is full of plastic cock’

Faye slid the strap on out of Lara’s backside, causing little tremors to run across Lara as the sensation overcame her again. Lara slipped off me and I watched the girls rearranging themselves. Faye took the strap on off and helped Lara to get it on, readjusting it for her wider hips. She gave some pointers and then stepped over to the bed straddling me, her tight blonde pussy poised above my painful erection.

Faye took hold of my cock and guided it into her sopping pussy, once it was inside she leant forward, presenting her bottom to Lara. Lara moved in close, the rubber cock pressed against Faye’s arsehole. Lara winked and smiled at me before taking a firm hold on Faye’s hips.

‘Turnabout is fair play’ she said and Faye opened her eyes in alarm

Lara thrust the rubber cock hard into Faye, sinking the whole length into her well lubricated arsehole in one firm motion. Faye cried out and slammed into me, her chin digging a hole in my shoulder.

‘Oh you bitch’ cried Faye, attempting to sit up a little, until Lara pressed her down into me, her weight and muscle overpowering the smaller girl.

‘Hold her hands’ Lara said to me ‘I want her helpless’

I grabbed Faye’s hands with mine and bent them behind her back where she wouldn’t be able to use them for leverage, she squirmed against me, her breasts pressing into my chest, her hips pinned between Lara’s and mine.

Lara slid back and then hammered the strap on into Faye again, causing another cry of pleasure pain. Lara hammered Faye a third time and got a gasp of sheer carnal overload. I lost track of Lara hammering in and out of Faye at a measured pace, as Faye’s pussy gripped my cock in an iron hold, her muscles locked tight around me, the rubber cock pounding in and out of her arse.

‘Faster, fuck me faster. Fuck me faster for fucks sake’ said Faye

Lara upped the pace, sliding in and out with increasing speed. Faye began to sound out, little high pitched cries, with each stroke of the dildo into her arsehole. I could see sweat dripping off Lara as she moved faster and faster, harder and harder.

‘Come for me, come for me now’ said Lara ‘come for me now you little bitch. Come with your arse’

Faye cried out, a squeal from her throat announcing her massive orgasm as Lara’s dirty talk drove her over the edge.