A couple of months later and I had hooked up with Dawn again. We weren’t going out, we were just friends who fucked. It was good to have company for the events I reviewed as going on my own always felt rather awkward, especially in the first year before I had truly found my feet.

Oz did write the article I had asked him for and soon became a regular writer for the website, he was not the most eloquent or even accurate writer but he had an enthusiasm for the subject that shone through his words and he rapidly made friends with most of the team.

After events Oz would invite close friends, and whatever girls he had acquired of an evening, back to his place for an after party. I went along to a few of these and became friends with Oz. We would talk about a variety of things and Oz would express his intention to accomplish great things on the scene.

This was where it started, with Oz’s idea and charm and my skills we would build a club that was different from all the others and offered something unique to the scene.

It was Oz who suggested we visit Submission for Halloween. He also hired the big black shiny limousine to take us there, saying that he wanted ‘to arrive in style’. So we bought tickets and worked on our outfits in preparation for the big event.

An old friend from Scotland had come to visit Dawn for the weekend and join us on our trip to Submission. Malcolm was Dawn’s best friend’s boyfriend and he was a hairy Scottish biker. We put together an outfit for Malcolm by supplementing his biker leathers with a few accessories borrowed from Oz.

On the night the gang included Oz, Oz’s on and off girlfriend Hayley, Tempest, Dawn, Malcolm, and me. We met at Oz’s place and piled into the limousine, admiring each other’s outfits on the journey to the club. It was raining on the way there and my spirits were slightly down as Dawn had been preoccupied with entertaining Malcolm and hadn’t given me much attention. Hopefully this evening would give me a chance to get some quality time with her.

This time Submission was held in a group of arches under London Bridge station, we hopped out of the limousine, got Oz in his wheelchair and headed straight for the entrance, bypassing a long line of kinky partygoers, shivering in the cold October air.

Oz charmed the way in for us with his usual flair for getting to know people within a few seconds of meeting them. His gift for getting in to a club without either paying or queuing never ceased to amaze me. Especially as I got the benefit of his aura of good cheer a lot of the time.

Once inside we dropped off our outerwear at the cloakroom and headed inwards. The first arch after the cloakroom was large and empty but for a block of toilets, a lonely looking photographer, and a dress checker. The checker was a tall shaven headed man in an all rubber outfit of shorts, vest, and mask. He was like a combination of cyclist and diver and he held up a hand as he checked us over.

London clubs are very strict on their dress codes and there are any number of punters who have been turned back for not wearing a sufficiently outrageous ensemble. I had no worries tonight because I had gone in for the full Bela Lugosi look: tails, white waistcoat, black tie, and even the classic starburst medallion on a red ribbon.

Oz was wearing his usual leather waistcoat and leather jeans but I’d never seen anyone even question his acceptability thanks to the wheelchair. Hayley was wearing nothing but black underwear complete with stockings and suspenders. She was also wobbling around on six inch heels and her hair was wild and sleek.

Tempest had gone for a kinky bride of Frankenstein look, her long black hair piled up into a beehive of doom, strong makeup and a selection of bandage strips almost covering her vital areas. When she moved too fast you could see all her glories but she was a wild porn star and didn’t mind in the least bit.

Dawn had gone for the vampire dominatrix look, wearing nothing but a form fitting ankle length rubber dress with a cowled collar, tall black patent leather heels, a small handbag, and a heavy whip to complete her outfit and making her look like a kinky version of Morticia Addams.

Needless to say we passed muster for the dress code enforcer, unlike the two hapless men who had come in before us and were forced to strip down to their underwear. We chuckled at their comeuppance and headed into the club proper.

Ducking through an arched tunnel we arrived in a large space, brick walls and the ceiling lost in the darkness overhead. This was the largest railway arch I’d ever been in. The air had a chill bite to it as it was still early in the evening and there weren’t quite enough warm bodies around to heat the place up. That would change later as more and more people flooded in, dancing, drinking, and kinking the night away. We hit the bar for refreshments and then the dance floor to warm up.

I danced with Dawn for a little while but my heart wasn’t in it, we had had yet another bust up during the week and she was still very cold towards me, all formal and precise. I had hoped that she might warm up at the club but it was to no avail. I was annoyed that she was flaunting the very expensive dress I had bought for her and the occasion. Dawn seemed to be the one getting the most out of our open relationship and I seemed to be the one on the losing end of all the arguments she started.

After taking in the atmosphere I remembered that I had work to do. Leaving my friends in the dungeon I started circling the club looking for suitably impressive clubbers who wouldn’t mind being photographed for the delectation of others.

Sometime later I was taking photographs of the various well dressed perverati when I noticed a pretty Goth girl leaning against the wall next to me. She was tall in big boots and our eyes met evenly. She had really beautiful blue eyes framed by strong black eyeliner.

‘Hi’ she said

‘Hello’ I replied

‘What are you doing?’

‘Oh, I’m taking photographs for a website, London Fetish Seen, have you heard of it?’

‘Yes’ she said ‘I found out about this club from it but none of my friends would come so I’m here on my own’

‘What’s your name?’


‘I’m sorry?’

‘Felicia’ she said again, but this time I heard it properly

‘Well Felicia, I know quite a lot of people here, would you like me to introduce you to someone? My friend Oz is really nice’

‘Wicked’ she said stepping away from the wall and lifting her chin ‘Show me’

I dragged Felicia after me as I headed for the last place I had seen Oz, over in the dungeon arch. Felicia was tall and gothy, and was wearing torn fishnets and suspenders under a short skirt. A black lacy bra under a short fishnet top and big New Rock boots completed her ensemble. Her dark brown hair was long on top but shaved at the sides.

‘Would you like a drink?’ I said as we neared the bar

‘Sure, can I have a Vodka and Red Bull?

We stopped for a minute while I grabbed a drink for her and a bottle of water for me. Then we stepped into the dungeon and looking around

‘My friend Oz should be in here’ I explained ‘He loves to play’

‘Wow, this is really wickedly intense’ she said, looking all around at the pieces of heavy dungeon furniture, her brows furrowed ‘what do you do with all these things?’

‘Well there’s a lot of fancy terms but it just boils down to people having fun. Mostly people just like some mild stimulation to excite them’ I said pointing at a dominatrix gently flogging a young woman tied to a cross and surrounded by a small crowd ‘and a lot of people like to watch as well’

‘So I see’ she said

‘There’s Oz and Hayley’ I said.

Oz had Hayley hanging by her wrists from a hook in the ceiling and was pinching and slapping her as she twisted around, her face blank and vacant, her eyes dilated.

‘Hey Oz, this is Felicia, she needs some company, will you look after her’ I said.

‘Sure thing mate’ Oz said without looking round, his fingers working on Hayley’s crotch.

We waited for Oz and Hayley to finish, while I explained about some of the activities going on around us. Eventually Oz had me loosen Hayley’s wrists and she collapsed into his lap, her chest heaving and her skin flushed, a smile lingering on her otherwise distant face.

‘Hello’ said Oz to Felicia putting out his hand ‘I’m Oz. Glad to know ya’

‘Likewise’ she said as she shook it

‘I’m going to leave you with Oz and Hayley or a while’ I said ‘I have to go and take some more photos and find my friend Dawn, you’ll like her too, back soon. And I’ll take your photo too if you like. Oz, be nice.’

‘See you later’ said Felicia.

Oz gave me a look as I wandered away, circling the club one more time looking for Dawn and determined to get a few more photographs. I found Dawn by accident as she was clearly not looking to be discovered. She was hidden away in an area I hadn’t seen at first, a smallish arch with lots of alcoves where the organisers had placed low beds and sofas and various duos and trios were engaged in intimate couplings. That’s were Dawn was, the dress I had given her around her waist, riding up and down on Malcolm’s cock, while entertaining a couple of other men with mouth and hands.

Somehow it was no surprise; it always took me ages to find Dawn when she wandered away from me at a club and now my suspicions were confirmed. I should have known she was doing this, having sex with strangers, but I couldn’t let myself believe it, I thought she loved me and that things would work out but here she was, her head buried in the crotch of some guy while her best friend’s boyfriend plowed into her from behind. She can’t have spoken to them for more than a minute or two before getting down to it. If she’d wanted a threesome so much why didn’t she ever talk about it with me? We talked about everything else after all.

The strangest thing was that despite being very angry and disappointed at Dawn’s behaviour I was also turned on at seeing her engaging in such lewd activity. I was in a storm of emotion, different feelings coming and going faster than I could make sense of them. I had to leave; I had to get some fresh air.

It was raining outside the club and I sat under one of the nearby arches, the cold damp October air cooling me down and giving me a chance to think things over. After a while I settled down to a feeling of sad despair. I had always known deep inside that Dawn was like this and I had agreed to the open relationship even if my choice was either that or no relationship at all.

In my heart I hadn’t wanted an open relationship; I had just wanted us to be a normal couple, boyfriend and girlfriend, with no straying. Dawn’s decision for us to be in an open relationship, and her rapid utilisation of that openness without discussing it with me was a betrayal. She might see it as a perfectly reasonable way for her to behave but to me it was a stab through the heart.

I sat there in the cold, watching the rain fall at the end of the arch, and felt quite angry. I had fooled myself and been betrayed because of it. I needed to let off some steam and I soon decided on the perfect way to do it.

Casting around for inspiration it came to me that I could vent my anger and frustration by handing out a spanking to some unlucky girl in the dungeon. The last time I’d spanked a girl I had felt calm and peaceful for days afterwards. Hayley was often up for random punishment, but if she wasn’t there was always someone else waiting for it.

I headed back to the dungeon to find Oz, Hayley, and Felicia watching a dominatrix dripping wax on a submissive guy’s testicles. Oz was illustrating the finer points of the technique, his hands gesturing with emphasis. Hayley was sitting on a chair, her bare feet on his lap rubbing at his crotch.

‘Hello again’ I said to Felicia

‘Hi! Your friend has been really nice, he just explained all about candle play. It sounds really cool, although that’s a bit much’ she said, indicating the twisting submissive.

‘It doesn’t have to be like that’ I said ‘it can be really gentle’

‘How’ she said

‘It’s too much to go straight for the dangly bits. That guy has probably done it loads of times and is used to it. You can just put it on your back where the sensation isn’t as strong. It’s like hot water but it sticks’

‘Oh that sounds better’

‘I’ve had a bit of a frustrating evening and I’m feeling a bit nasty. Do you fancy being spanked?’

‘Spanking eh’ she said looking into my eyes ‘that’s a bit much for me I think’

I realised that I was being overly aggressive thanks to my bad mood and reined myself in a bit.

‘Would you like to try some wax play instead?’

‘Maybe’ she said ‘Doesn’t it hurt though?’

‘Only a little, you can try some on your hand first to see if you like it’

‘You’ll be careful won’t you?’

‘I promise’

I grabbed a church candle, a couple of tea lights, and a lighter from Oz, who could be relied on to have all manner of goodies stashed in his kit bag. I steered Felicia over to a piece of dungeon furniture that hadn’t seen much use yet. It was a stepped bench with a few leather straps to hold a victim down while being spanked.

I lit the candle and tea lights and waited for them to warm up while I explained what would happen to Felicia.

‘We’ll start very slowly, I’ll put some wax in the back of your hand and you can see how you like it. If it’s okay then you can lie face down on the bench and I’ll drip wax on your back. If you like that and want to get a bit more intense you can turn over and I’ll drip it on your front’

Felicia’s eyes widened at this and she paused ‘O.. okay then…’

‘Hold out your hand’ I said and picked up a tea light

Felicia hesitantly put out her hand and I gently took hold of it. Turning it over I carefully dripped a few drops of wax onto the back. Felicia jumped at the surprise of the wax but immediately laughed.

‘Oh that didn’t hurt at all; I hardly felt it, wicked’

I smiled; Felicia was going to be perfect for this. I directed her onto the bench and helped her out of her fishnet top, pushing her forward so she was bent over; her knees resting on the lower step and her torso resting on the upper part. Her skirt had ridden up and I took a long look at her pale cheeks framed by skirt and stockings.

‘Hey’ she said, catching me looking, ‘save that for later; I thought you were going to use the wax’

I moved next to her, holding the tea light above her back, ready for action.


‘Just do it already’ she laughed

I carefully tipped the tea light over, letting a few drops fall onto her shoulder blade. She quivered and laughed again. Feeling bolder I started laying wax drops over her upper back, taking my time. Felicia squirmed and wriggled, letting out the occasional gasp as the wax hit a sensitive spot.

‘I’m going to undo your bra so I can put wax lower down, is that okay’

‘Oh yes, and take my skirt off, I want some on my bum’

I placed the tea light on Felicia’s upper back between her shoulder blades and carefully undid her bra, letting the straps slip down and over her arms. Then I loosened her tight skirt and slid it over her hips and down to her knees. She was gloriously displayed, pale flesh from the nape of her neck to the curve of her buttocks, interrupted only by the line of her suspender belt and a tiny black thong. She was a canvas ready to be painted.

I quickly poured a long line of closely placed wax drops down Felicia’s spine. She gasped with the sudden change of pace.

‘More’ she said ‘more’

I poured a small stream on her lower back, rivulets of cooling wax racing across her skin and down her sides as she cried out. I poured another stream lower down and it pooled in the small of her back, one tendril sliding over her suspender belt and thong and into the shadows between her buttocks. She twitched as the wax ran into her cleft, breathing out hard through clenched teeth.

The tea light was almost empty of wax and getting too hot hold so I picked up the church candle which had a small pool of wax in the top. Candle wax is hotter than the wax from tea lights so I leant over to whisper in Felicia’s ear.

‘This is going to be hotter, are you ready?’

She nodded her assent and I splashed the pool of wax over her bum, giving both cheeks a thick coating. Felicia squealed and shook as the wax ran down her buttocks, cooling as it went to form a thin sheet of soft white wax outlining her bottom perfectly. One stream of wax had run down her thong and over her anus making it quiver with the heat.

‘Fuck me’ she said, recovering from the shock.

‘It’s good isn’t it?’

‘Oh yes. That’s wicked. I’ve never felt anything like that’ she said

‘Do you want to try some more?’

‘Yes, yes, oh yes’

‘Turn over then’ I said.

Felicia lifted herself up from the bench the wax covering her skin crackling as she did, little strands snapping off and flying away. I peeled some away with my fingernails where it was thickest across her bottom. She stood and shook herself, little pieces of wax dropping to the floor. Felicia dropped her skirt and bra on the floor revealing her small breasts as well as a lacy thong covering a strip of dark hair. She looked at me looking at her and grinned then hopped onto the bench so that she was sitting on the upper section, her feet resting on the lower. Frowning, she quickly undid her heavy boots and let them fall to the floor.

Felicia leaned back on the bench holding herself up with her elbows. She laughed and let her head fall back thrusting her breasts upwards. Bringing her head back up, she looked me in the yes.

‘Well, what are you waiting for? Come here with that candle’ she said.

I stepped up to the bench with the candle in my hand, Felicia parted her legs and I knelt on the lower shelf of the bench holding myself above her with my other hand. Felicia settled back and wiggled to get comfortable, wrapping her legs around my hips and pulling me close. She smiled again, having got me just where she wanted me.

‘I’m ready’ she said.

I leaned back and dropped a single drop of wax on her stomach just above her suspender belt. Moving slowly up her stomach I left drop after drop of wax each a hair’s breadth from the other. Felicia breathed heavily in and out her eyes never leaving mine. A minute later and the trail of wax had reached her ribcage. I turned the trail left, heading for the hill of her breast. Felicia bit her lip, her eyes wide.

I ran the drops of wax around her breast, spiralling inwards towards the stiff nipple. Felicia held her breath as the drops fell on her aureole and then let it out in a gasp as her nipple was bathed in the hot wax. I let the wax build up on her nipple, drop after drop raining down until the entire area was coated in a thick layer of wax.

I swapped hands and leant over her right breast, the candle held above it ready to spill.

‘Wait’ said Felicia ‘I want you in me. I need you to fuck me. Right now. Fuck me right now’

I put the candle down and undid my trousers as Felicia let her head roll back, her hand playing with her unwaxed nipple. I slipped her thong aside and slowly pressed myself into her.

‘Oh fuck what’s that’ she said

‘I have a piercing, a Prince Albert’

‘It feels huge’ she said as I applied more pressure ‘oh god it is huge. Oh fuck me!’

Felicia opened up to me completely and we connected intimately, my cock buried full length in her pussy. She closed her eyes and breathed in, the movement of her chest cracking the wax on her breast. She shivered and opened her eyes, locking on mine.

‘Now. Do it now, fuck me with the wax’

I picked up the candle and ground my hips against Felicia’s the movement spilling drops across her torso. Too excited I splashed the wax across her right breast, covering it in a sheet moulded to her every curve, the excess running down over her throat. Felicia came noisily, her pussy tightening on my cock, as the wax cooled and tightened on her nipple. I dropped the candle and grabbed her hips, waiting for her shudders to die down before beginning to slide in and out of her. Within a few moments she came again, her tightening pussy driving me to release a moment later.

Afterwards, once we had cleaned the wax away and recovered from the impact of the moment, Felicia and I stayed in each other’s arms for what seemed like hours. We moved to the dance floor, never letting go of each other, and danced for ages, our legs entwined and our hips moving to the beat. Eventually it was time for my friends to go and Felicia held my hand as we walked out with them.

We exited the club into a light rain, Oz waving for the limo to take us back to his place for an after party. He looked at me questioningly. Felicia held my hand tightly and I could feel her leg quivering against mine. I turned to her and we kissed deeply, her heart beating madly against my chest, the rain misting us with a silver sheen.

‘Will you come back with me?’ I said

‘Oh yes’ she breathed ‘you can take me anywhere’