Body Painting

When I started doing photography I was only interested in taking photographs of my friends, I tried branching out into other areas but people are far more interesting than landscapes or buildings. Once I’d got the hang of the basics and been to a few clubs to inspire me I wanted to start taking nudes and fetish photos.

It was slow going at first, I didn’t know about any of the places, like camera clubs, where I could find models who were willing to do nudes. So I asked a few friends of mine and although some were happy to have me take portraits and fashion shots of them there were no volunteers to be nude. Eventually I managed to persuade a couple of girls to pose for me in lingerie and with fetish accessories. I was pleased with the results even though they weren’t brilliant and would never feature in my portfolio.

I’m into photography for the art; I’m trying to find that one perfect shot that expresses a pure emotion that evokes a sincere feeling, one with impact. We’ve all seen great photos, the girl in the tennis court scratching her bum, the Gridiron building in New York, famous portraits of famous people, the cover of The Beatles Abbey Road album, the astronaut on the moon. Those photos inspired thousands or millions of people, and some of them changed the history of the world. That’s the photo I’ve been trying to make all my life, the photo that has genuine impact. It’s out there somewhere I just know it, all I have to do is be in the right place at the right time to find it.

My first serious artistic photo shoot was with my ex girlfriend Lara, I had suggested doing a body painting theme using liquid latex and she was quite interested. I had also asked Doc if I could use his flat to do the shoot in, as he had a lovely top floor space with great light, and said that his girlfriend would also be up for it.

It was the 2nd of January and I had taken the week off from work. Things were going well on the website and I was young free and single. I even had a friendly fuck buddy to take to clubs thanks to Felicia and her continued interest in me. After she’d gotten over her initial excitement she’d make it clear that she wasn’t interested in a relationship but she was quite happy for us to be friends with sex. The aftermath of finally breaking up with Dawn had left me in no mood to dive into a serious relationship again so I was happy to stick to being friends.

It was close to a year since we had started the website and we had expanded to a dozen or so core members and a website that could cope with a bunch of people contributing and thousands of visitors every week. In a small way we had become famous, although our 15 minutes was just starting. I was out to an event or two every weekend camera in hand to capture the infamous and not so infamous and publish their costumes and likenesses on the web.

I picked Lara up from the station and took her to Doc’s house where I’d already dropped off my equipment. I would be body painting Lara and Doc would paint his girlfriend Koko. Lara is very beautiful with an hourglass figure and generous breasts; she has long dark brown hair, and most importantly, a stunning smile. She is more than beautiful enough to be a film star but never took that route. Koko is a tiny Japanese girl with short black hair, very small breasts, and a pert bottom.

It had been a busy few months since I had last seen Lara, and ages since Doc had seen her, so we spent a while chatting and catching up with old times. It had been Lara who had introduced me to Doc when we were going out and I’d become good friends with him in the intervening years.

We put out an old sheet to protect Doc’s carpets against drops and spills and read the Liquid Latex instructions. According to the warnings it’s a potentially deadly poison that could burst into flames at any moment. It also suggests preparing the skin with oil or moisturiser so Doc and I spend a happy half hour massaging the girls with oils and creams. Lara and Koko are very happy and relaxed after that and ready to be painted. They both put on little thongs to protect their tender areas from the latex.

I paint Lara with tribal designs, all curves and points enhancing her already stunning figure and turning her into a warrior woman. Doc is painting Koko with tiger stripes and her mouth is flexing and chewing as if she is imagining herself in the jungle, pouncing on some unsuspecting prey. It takes a long time to cover the girls with latex and we have to open all the windows to combat the fumes. When we’re done they look magnificent, one a buxom tribal warrior the other a slender predator.

I start to take photos of them separately Lara flexing her muscles in strong poses and Koko arches and hisses like a savage jungle cat. Doc looks on approvingly and makes suggestions. Things are going very well so I have the girls pose together. We soon discover a remarkable fact; liquid latex will stick to itself. As Lara and Koko stand side by side the latex has stuck them together and as soon as they try to step apart it stretches and pulls, surprising them both so that they almost fall over.

This presents some excellent opportunities. I have the girls slowly engage in a clinch, chest to chest, their arms wrapped around each other. They giggle as they stick together and both of them are breathing heavier. Doc had mentioned that Koko was bi and I already knew that Lara was more than happy to be in a scene with another girl as long as there was a guy around as well. Koko presses herself up against Lara and nuzzles her neck; pressing her teeth into the skin she takes a small bite. Lara moves her hands down and squeezes Koko’s arse tightly, pressing their hips together. Lara moves her legs and lifts Koko so that the smaller girl is straddling her thigh.

Koko begins to rock her pelvis back and forth, driving her pussy into the muscle of Lara’s thigh. They are stuck fast to one another, unable to move their arms but they can press and grind into each other. Lara crouches a little so that Koko can push upward with her leg and put some pressure on Lara’s pussy too. The two of them rock back and forth in each other’s arms, their hips rolling, and their eyes tight with concentration.

I know from experience that Lara will not be able to come just from rubbing against her pussy; she needs to have her clit stimulated precisely to bring her off. But Koko is another matter; guided by Lara’s hands on her buttocks she soon begins a series of tiny grunts, slowly escalating until she brings herself off on Lara’s taut thigh. They stand there, holding each other tightly, their bodies locked together with the sticky latex.

Once Lara and Koko have calmed down I ask them to slowly pull apart while I take photos. The latex stretches, pulling against their skin, and slowly tearing and peeling off. They both start squealing with the sensation, which is like removing a plaster only not as sticky. The latex between them stretches into bands and webs as I take photo after photo. Eventually it reaches the breaking point and snaps back, and suddenly the girls are free again.

Lara’s breasts and still mostly covered in liquid latex so I put down the camera and go over to her. She is picking at strands and her arms and legs, slowly peeling them off.

‘Shall I give you a hand’ I say

She looks at me with her brows furrowed but nods and I start peeling off the latex as she stands there. I’ve soon removed it from her arms and most of her legs and Lara is smiling, looking over my shoulder.

‘Let’s finish this off in the bathroom’ she says and drags me off. I turn to see Koko leant over the sofa with Doc pulling down her thong, the latex on it pulling at her inner thighs.

It’s only a few steps to the bathroom and I admire Lara’s bottom as it goes ahead of me. Her tiny black thong the only thing she is wearing apart from the remaining stripes of liquid latex. Once in the bathroom I close the door and Lara pulls me into a long hard kiss, her arms wrapping around me, her body driving into mine. I quickly remove my t shirt and she hugs me close rubbing herself into me, she is hot to touch, her skin pink and flushed where the latex has peeled off.

‘Let’s get you clean’ I say and start peeling off the last of the latex from her torso. I slowly pull the strips away and Lara’s skin becomes a wave of goose bumps, my every touch sending her into a shiver. Finally everything but the latex on her breasts and around her thong is gone. We kiss again. I grab hold of a latex strip that spirals around her breast and ever so slowly peel it away, starting at the edge and heading towards her nipple.

At the last moment I pull hard on the latex and it tugs on Lara’s nipple before breaking off, I lean down and cover her breast with my mouth, running my tongue over the stiff nipple.

‘Oh you bastard, I wasn’t expecting that’ she says

I say nothing, my mouth busy, but I put my hand on her other breast and squeeze the nipple between my fingers as I flick my tongue across this one.

‘Fuckity fuck’ cries Lara her chest heaving beneath my hand and mouth.

I let go of her and she sits down on the edge of the tub. I kneel down in front of her and take hold of the sides of her thong. I ever so slowly pull it down and over her hips until all this is holding it in place are the strands of latex at the junction of her inner thigh and groin.

I keep pulling and the latex peels away bit by bit and within moments I am greeted by my old playmate, her lips dewed with moistness. I lean in and run m tongue over Lara’s pussy lips, tasting the familiar sweetness of her. My tongue soon finds her clit and I circle it around and around, my hands on her hips. Lara leans back allowing me to slip a finger into her wet pussy and slide it in and out.

I carry on like this for a minute or two as the pressure builds for Lara, I can feel the muscles in her thighs tightening as she builds to an orgasm and shortly thereafter she clenches them as she comes, my tongue flicking at lightning speed over her clitoris, never stopping as she shudders again and again.

Lara sits up and pushes me back before turning around and presenting her lovely bottom to me.

‘Fuck me from behind’ she says ‘fuck me like you used to’ and placing her hands on the wall she drops her eyes.

I quickly hop out of my clothes and take a firm hold of Lara’s hips. She wiggles in anticipation and I place the helmet of my penis against her pussy lips. I slide back and forth in tiny movements as Lara opens up to me and soon I am deep inside her. I rub my thumb in her pussy juices and press it against her anus before it slips inside her backdoor.

Rocking back and forth, my thumb in Lara’s arsehole, it doesn’t take long for me to come, squirting my jism right inside her.

Much later the four of us went out for dinner. Everyone was looking forward to seeing the developed photographs and we chatted about the events of the afternoon. I gave Lara a ride back to the station.

‘It was good to get together again’ she said ‘I’ve missed you’

‘I missed you too’ I said

‘Let’s go out to a club again, I’d like that’

‘Me too. I’ll call you soon’

I stood by the bike watching her go into the station, looking forward to the next time I would see her.