Lamb was the nickname of a woman who worked at the office where I did my day job. She was a small blonde girl with a nice smile and a penchant for translucent blouses. She was the first female employee in an all geek company. We wrote software for insurance firms, a stimulating job that left me with plenty of creative juices for other endeavours.

Like everyone else I’d said hello to Lamb when she joined and been pleasant afterwards, she smiled frequently and seemed to quite enjoy her solo female role. I did ask Lamb to pose for a couple of pictures and we went out at lunchtime to grab a few snaps in a nearby park, chatting afterwards over sandwiches and tea. I was busy with my nocturnal activities and still in a relationship with Dawn so wasn’t looking for anything else so I didn’t pursue any opportunities with Lamb.

All that changed at the first office party. The company would take an evening out to socialise every month or so, Lamb had missed the first one but managed to make it to the second one. The group of us chatted about work and other mild subjects and people drifted away one by one. I was left alone with Lamb towards the end of the evening and although there were others nearby we could chat about more interesting subjects without being overheard.

I explained about the other sort of photography I did and when Lamb responded favourably I told her how I ran a website and went to clubs to take pictures. It can be very dangerous to reveal yourself to fellow workers. Most people don’t understand what life is like on the fetish scene and just jump to the assumption that you’re some kind of sick freak. I’d heard of people losing their jobs after having photographs of them appear in the wrong place and I was always careful about asking first and shooting later, unlike some of the irresponsible photographers on the scene who treated it as their personal playground.

However Lamb seemed different, she was genuinely interested in what I had to do and far from being disgusted she was actually quite excited. Closing time came sooner than we expected and we ended up walking back to my bike which was on the way to the tube station. We stopped and chatted for a bit longer and Lamb asked if she could sit on my bike.

I gave her a hand up but her skirt was a bit long and tight for her to sit comfortably in the saddle. As I watched she wiggled the skirt up over her hips revealing lacy stockings and suspenders. I continued watching, my mind blank, as she turned and looked at me.

‘Come closer’ she said and I stepped up to the bike

Lamb put one hand on my arm and the other on my waist and looked up at me her mouth open, without thinking I leant down and kissed her. She pulled herself up to meet me and we stayed there for minutes, our tongues delving and exploring. My hands slid over her thighs and around her small bottom, she had soft skin smooth skin and no underwear. I squeezed and stroked until my fingers found wetness.

I broke off, realising what I was doing, I was kissing a woman who wasn’t my girlfriend!

‘I can’t do this Lamb’ I said ‘I have a girlfriend. I need a minute to think’

Lamb sat on the bike looking hurt and pulling her skirt down.

I’m sorry’ she said ‘but I really like you. I don’t normally have anything to do with men at my work’

I was confused and my mind was racing, here was a chance to get away from Dawn the psycho, Dawn who had made my life miserable, the woman who I had forced myself into a corkscrew for, the woman who found every fault with my behaviour, the woman I thought I loved.

Seeing my confusion Lamb got off the bike and gave me a hug.

‘It’s okay’ she said ‘I’m sorry I kissed you. I’m going to catch my train, I’ll see you at work on Monday’

Letting go she turned away and I reached out for her, missing by inches.

‘Don’t go Lamb’ I blurted out ‘I just don’t know what to do, I like you too but it’s just so confusing’

She paused and looked at me, her eyes lowered, tears in the corners.

‘I’ll see you on Monday’ she said

‘Will you give me some time to work things out?’ I said

She smiled a little and said ‘I’ll see you on Monday’ and with that turned and walked away.

I stood there confused and bewildered, options and possibilities racing through my mind. I’ve heard that every decision is made in the instant and that all the confusion is just the mind’s way of rationalising the choice. I had to wonder at what was going on, Lamb was clever and beautiful and interesting but I had a lot of time and effort with Dawn and it seemed as things would be better soon.

I rode home, almost too distracted to enjoy the late night ride through the mepty streets of London. By the time I got home I felt calm, I would stick with Dawn, after all I owed her a lot and we were in love. Breaking it off with her for an unknown would just be silly.

I woke up the following day determined to see Dawn and put the encounter with Lamb behind me. There was an event to photograph that evening and Dawn has said that she’d like to come with me. We could grab dinner and then get dressed up for a night out.

I swanned around during the day fixing web things and doing chores until it was time to head over to Dawn’s place. I grabbed my outfit, jumped on the bike and rode over. I couldn’t help recalling how enthusiastic Lamb had been the night before. Her kisses had been electric.

Dawn and I went out to dinner but I was preoccupied and she noticed it. I talked about the work night out and mentioned that I had spoken at length with the new girl. Dawn turned cold, sensing, with what seemed like telepathy, that I was not telling the whole truth. Dawn was very clever, much more so than me, I always tried to avoid arguments with her because she invariably won. She was a prize-fighter with words and I wasn’t even a contender. Our arguments always left me feeling bruised and beaten.

By the time we got back to her place she had stopped talking to me. We got dressed in silence but eventually Dawn just had to pick a fight. She complained that it was always her car that we were driving and why didn’t I ever take her anywhere on the bike. I floundered, pointing out that she refused to go on the bike unless she was wearing full leathers which made it difficult to go anywhere that required a change of clothes.

There was nothing I could do, Dawn had me backed up into an argument I couldn’t win. Eventually she came to the crux of the matter and accused me of having dozens of girlfriends and that she wasn’t going to wait around to be turned over for one of them. Although she was wrong I felt so guilty from kissing Lamb the night before that I just had to leave. Throwing my things together I got on the bike, Dawn coming out on to the street, wearing nothing but underwear, and haranguing me as I packed everything away.

I couldn’t hear what she said, the shame of the situation overwhelming me, my anger at her treatment of me building up inside, the need to strike back making me shake. I spat words at her, not knowing what I said, and roared away on the bike.

By the time I got home there was a message on my phone, from Dawn of course.

‘I’m tired of playing your power games.’ she said ‘I cannot abide a man who lies to me. When you want to tell the truth I will listen.  I won’t listen to any more of your lies. Goodbye’

Shaking I put the phone down, Dawn’s words burning into me. I retreated to the bedroom and lay down, my mind whirling. I still had a job to do though and soon, despite not knowing what I was doing, I got up and went through the motions. I changed my outfit to something more practical for a bike ride and a fetish club, slung my camera in my bag, lashed on helmet and gloves and set off for the club.

Any motorcycle ride demands enough concentration that your mind doesn’t have room for more than a few extraneous thoughts so a bike ride is very good for settling a confuzzled brain. By the time I got to the club I was determined to do the job, enjoy the club as much as I could, and then get some sleep. Maybe things would be better in the morning.

I got to the club, sorted out my bike and headed in. It’s great to be a photographer at a club because you get to go in via the guest list queue and bypass all the people waiting in line. It’s like being a mini celebrity. Tonight I had a strange feeling, as if something were going to go dreadfully wrong. But my guest list invitation was all sorted; the girls on the door knew me and were friendly and once I was inside I didn’t even have to wait for the cloakroom to hang up my jacket and helmet. I never got this lucky, something was obviously wrong.

Hesitantly I started working the club, taking photographs and chatting to people both old faces and new. There’s always a great mix of folk at a fetish club, partygoers of all ages from shocked teens to jaded sixty somethings. And whatever you look like there’s always someone better looking and someone worse looking. Fetish is a great leveller, it lets you see the world with different eyes. I started to relax and enjoy myself, grabbing a good position for the first stage show of the evening and getting some great shots of the act.

The strangest thing was that I knew beforehand that Lamb would be there. Or maybe I had just wished with all my heart that she would be there and some trick of fate or destiny brought her to me. So it was like déjà vu when I saw a small blonde figure in white underwear, stockings, and a corset, ordering a drink at the bar. She turned as I walked in the room and I went straight to her.

‘I’m so glad you came’ I said to Lamb

‘Something told me that I’d meet you here’ she said ‘I drove all the way by myself. I didn’t have a ticket or anything. But I looked at your website and this was the only thing on so I knew you’d be here. I hope you don’t mind’

‘No, it’s great’ I said ‘I couldn’t have wished for anything else’

‘Show me round then Mr Photographer, I want to know all about what you get up to’

Holding hands I took Lamb on a guided tour of the club from stage to dungeon. We danced on the dance floor and cheered at the stage show. We wandered the dungeon and Lamb stayed close by my side, fearful of the dominatrixes and masters with their wild whipping.

We got more drinks and curled up in a deep padded alcove. I held Lamb close and we kissed for an eternity, her hands pulling me closer and exploring my body, my hands circled round her tiny waist and then squeezing her small bottom. She undid her bra and I nuzzled her tiny breasts, the nipples hardening under my tongue, her breath coming in short gasps.

Lamb moved to straddle me, kneeling on the padded seat, as I continued to ply her nipples with my tongue. She undid my belt and then my zip, her hands fishing around inside my jeans until she pulled out my stiff cock.

‘Oh, what’s that’ she said

‘It’s a piercing’ I said ‘it’s called a Prince Albert’

‘Fascinating’ she said and lowered her head

Lamb placed her mouth over my cock and ran her tongue around the end. I closed my eyes, the soft, warm, wetness like a blessing. She carried on and I lost track of time for a while until I started nearing ecstacy. I held out my hand and Lamb stopped.

‘Stop’ I said ‘I’m gonna come’

Releasing her hold on me Lamb said ‘I wan’t you to come. I want you to come in my mouth. Just relax, we’re going back to your place afterwards’

She took me into her mouth again, working slowly up and down, her hand holding the base of my cock firmly, pulling the skin down taut. I closed my eyes and with just a few more motions I felt the surge begin. Lamb held on tighter, pushing me deeper into her mouth, her tongue curling around the ring and rasping against my skin. I bucked as I came but Lamb held on tightly, the come flowing onto her tongue. She swallowed it back and her tongue probed into the eye of my penis, lapping at every drop, shockingly wanton. The feel of her tongue probing inside the tip was agony and ecstasy, each motion written in my mind for eternity.

We left the club soon after and I drove Lamb back to my place, leaving my bike securely locked where I would pick it up later. Back at my flat I carried Lamb up to bed and we kissed and cuddled for a little while under the sheets, taking off our clothing as we did.

I worked my tongue on her nipples again and then kissed my way down to her pussy, she had a small tuft of dark blonde hair but was otherwise shaven. I worked my tongue in broad swathes at first, tasting the sweetness of her juices. Then I worked on her clit, at first circling, and then flicking my tongue ever faster until she came.

I moved back up her body resting my weight on my arms so as not to crush her underneath me.

‘You’re so small that I’m worried I’ll hurt you’ I said

‘Don’t be silly’ she said ‘I want you pressing me down, I want your cock inside me, I want to feel you all over me’

She grabbed hold of my cock and slid down a bit to place it at her entrance. I kissed her mouth, pressing my face hard into hers and sliding my tongue deep inside her mouth, the taste of her pussy still lingering.

Lamb arched her hips, bringing me into line with her pussy and I slid slowly forwards, entering her with the tip of my cock. She was very wet but also quite tight and I paused, moving back and forth in small motions, opening her up. Lamb clung to me our mouths locked together, her neck arched back to reach me.

I let my weight fall forward and pushed into her, filling her with my cock and hugging her into my arms, her chest hard against mine, her legs locked around my thighs. I pulled back and pushed forward and she squeezed herself against me, thrusting back with every stroke, her hips arching to meet me, her stomach hard with muscle.

We rode each other, wild with abandonment, for what seemed like hours. Lamb built to an orgasm before me but I followed shortly thereafter, my cock throbbing with come delivered deep into her pussy. Her legs locking around me as she gasped with passion.

‘I suppose I should do this properly.’ I said as we lay in each other‘s arms ‘Would you like to go for dinner?’

‘Of course, but I must warn you, I never have sex on a first date’ Lamb said, laughing.