Fred and Ginger

I first saw Fred and Ginger at our formal event; they had both come in matching black tie tuxedos. Fred was tall and willowy with, brown eyes, long soft black hair, and a cute upturned nose, Ginger was a slim redhead with blue eyes, a nice figure, and short curly copper hair.

The evening was very busy and I only saw Fed and Ginger as they came in and then much later on as the night was ending. They were curled up together on one of the sofas near the bar, their eyes closed, practically asleep. They were so cute that I fell in love with them at that instant.

Loath to disturb their cute sleepiness I watched them for a while as I took a drink at the bar. Eventually they stirred and I gave them a moment to recover before going over. I had had time while at the bar to work out what I was going to say to them.


‘Hello’ replied Ginger

‘I couldn’t help noticing how cute you both were and was wondering if you’d like to pose for our next flyer?’

Ginger looked at Fred and then back at me

‘Okay’ she said ‘what do we have to do?’

‘Give me a number I can get you on, the shoot will be next week on Saturday at Oz’s place, he’s the guy in the wheelchair’ I said pointing at Oz and the group of women surrounding him ‘the theme is camouflage so if you have any camo gear you can bring that. What do you think?’

‘That sounds like fun’ said Ginger ‘we can do that, right?’ she said looking at Fred

‘Yes’ said Fred, and smiled.

As usual the shoot was hectic, Oz had organised four other girls to pose for us and along with their friends, Oz’s usual household, and my photography kit, his place was packed to the brim. Not only was the place pack but we were going to be bodypainting everyone in camouflage patterns so there was a mass of paint pots, sponges, cups of water, towels, and tissues cluttering up the flat. Everyone paired off to sort out the body painting and I wangled a way to partner with Fred who I’d had the hots for ever since I saw her even though Ginger reminded me so much of a girl I’d had a total crush on when I was in sixth form.

Following Oz’s instructions all the models stripped down to their knickers. I never cease to amaze at how people would follow his every instruction and I could see him hiding a look of glee at all the naked girls in the room. Fred was pale and slender with slim breasts and small dark nipples. I wetted the sponge and rubbed it in the paint pot, picking up a portion of orange paint.

‘Ready’ I said and Fred nodded, raising her hair and in so doing lifting her breasts to make them even more pert. I swallowed and started applying the paint to her side in random splodges, wiping the sponge across her skin to lay the paint on it. I alternated orange black and white and eventually most of Fred’s lower torso was covered and I headed up to cover her neck and then breasts.

As I applied the paint to Fred’s breasts her nipples tightened and she breathed heavier. I had to use three different colours and each time I rubbed the sponge across her nipple Fred let out a little breath.

Once all the body paint was applied and dried out I started taking photographs of each of the girls and then in groups. Oz was constantly making suggestions as to how the girls could pose with each other, always persuading them to go further than I would have ever thought they would. Many of the group shots ended up too spicy for us to print on our flyers but I managed to calm Oz down enough to get some tame shots we could use.

Afterwards all the girls crowded into the shower together and helped wash each other down. Fred and Ginger got an enthusiastic shout from Oz as they lingered over the washing, holding each other close and kissing.

I talked with Fred and Ginger after the shoot and we discovered that we had a number of things in common like our enthusiasm for games, role playing, art, drama, and dressing up. I asked them if they’d consider posing for more flyers and they agreed. They asked me if I’d like to come over for dinner sometime soon and I agreed.

Unfortunately for them they had to head back to their flat in North London as it was getting late. Unfortunately for me I only had a motorbike so couldn’t even give them a lift home. Oz made sure they had free tickets for the next couple of events and drove them and the other girls without transport to the station while I headed home to review the photos and design the latest flyer.

Within a few days I arranged to visit Fred and Ginger and a week later I turned up at their place. Their rented flat was packed with books, games, and artworks. A large glass tank housed three lizards and two cats roamed the place. Knotwork sheets hung on the walls adding a splash of colour to the plain walls. It was clean and tidy though, despite the amount of stuff that Fred and Ginger possessed. As someone who had a lot of stuff I was always battling against the creeping tide of clutter so I appreciated that they’d made an effort.

The three of us talked over a lovely fish and rice dinner and then talked some more as the evening progressed. We covered all our favourite subjects with enthusiasm. Eventually, having gotten comfortable, we started to talk about clubbing, kink, and the fetish scene. Fred and Ginger had heard of my website and were very impressed at what I’d made out of it. They had gone to a number of clubs with friends and others but never gotten far into the scene, preferring to observe from a safe distance rather than get into a scene with a stranger who might not respect their limits.

Of the two of them Fred was the one who was mostly submissive, she was also bisexual, and more experienced than Ginger who was the dominant one and had only realised a while ago that she was into girls after a number of unfulfilling relationships with boys. Fred was not her first female lover but she was her first female partner and I could see that they were still in the early stages of being together.

Fred, Ginger, and I spent a lot of time together over the next few months. I would show them round the more esoteric shops in Camden as I distributed flyers and they would make me dinner and be charming hosts. I still lusted after them both but held back, charmed by their growing relationship and unwilling to try to break into it to satisfy my desires.

They would model a number of times for flyers and became regulars at the club, slowly expanding their comfort zone and settling into a play style that suited them. They accompanied me to other events where I was taking photographs and got to see a lot of the scene. My reputation also grew thanks to their beautiful presence at my side.

One hot weekend afternoon that summer we went swimming. The local sports centre near to Fred and Ginger had a sauna and pool with an all in one price. Fred and Ginger had been before and invited me this time. We walked the mile or so the the sports centre, chatting about this and that on the way.

We went in, paid, and got changed. Fred and Ginger were wearing teeny weeny bikinis that revealed more than then concealed and I was quite impressed with their look. Ginger wanted to hit the sauna first as she was feeling stiff across her shoulders.

We went in and sat down in the hot air, we were lucky in that the place was almost empty apart from a short haired woman in a one piece swimsuit. Fred laid down on the bench putting her feet in Ginger’s lap for a foot rub.

‘Can you massage my shoulders please?’ said Ginger to me.

I’ve had quite a lot of experience at massaging as Dawn desired them constantly so I sat down behind her and put my hands on her slender shoulders. I worked my hands in circles across the flesh of her upper back, starting at the nape of her neck and slowly working outwards and then downwards.

Ginger soon relaxed, letting her head drift down and closing her eyes. Fred looked up as Ginger stopped working on her feet and smiled at the two of us then got up and off the bench. Fred kneeled down in front of Ginger and took hold of her hands, slowly massaging them from wrist to the tips of the fingers.

I noticed that the other woman in the sauna was watching us now, her skin shining with sweat, her eyes bright and intensely focused on the three of us. When she saw me notice her attention she grimaced and then smiled clearly embarrassed that I had caught her looking. She got up and left the sauna, still watching us.

With Fred and my hands working on Ginger she was soon a puddle of soft flesh and hot skin, the sweat glistening on her thighs and arms. Fred leant in and kissed her deeply. Fred’s hands took hold of Ginger’s waist and I massaged her neck slowly and smoothly.

I could feel Ginger leaning into the kiss through the muscles of her neck as they shifted and tensed. I slid my hands slowly down her sides and around her ribs until my hands were just below her breasts. I started to move my hands upwards slowly gliding them over the cloth of Ginger’s bikini.

‘Hey.’ said a lifeguard ‘You’re going to have to leave if you carry on like that. Cut it out’

The interruption sent us sniggering out of the sauna and into the pool side area. We eased into the cold pool, delighting in the chill water after the hot sauna. I watched both Fred and Ginger’s nipples harden at the touch of the cold water and admired them all the more. They were both so beautiful and young and full of life, inspiring me and uplifting me at the same time.

The woman who had been in the sauna with us earlier on was swimming back and forth, wearing a rubber swim cap with the Brazilian flag on it. I smiled at her and she smiled back, then her attention was diverted by Fred and Ginger who were adjusting their bikinis. The woman looked longingly at them, her mouth open, her breath halted momentarily. Recovering she looked at me again and smiled then turned and swam away.

The three of us started to swim a bit and quite soon I found myself next to the Brazilian woman who had been watching us.

‘Hi’ I said


‘Are you from Brazil?’

‘Ah you saw my hat.’ she said, smiling, ‘Who are your friends’

‘That’s Fred’ I said, pointing her out, ‘and that’s Ginger. They live just around the corner.’

‘I like their bikinis, very colourful’

‘They are nice aren’t they, would you like me to introduce you?’

‘Yes please, my name is Claudia’

We swam over to where Fred and Ginger were splashing at each other and I introduced Claudia to them.

‘Claudia was admiring your bikinis’ I said ‘where did you get them?’

‘I think it was at Erotica’ said ginger ‘there was a stall called Pink something or other’

‘Pink Piranha’ said Fred

‘Yes, Pink Piranha, they do lots of really neat underwear’

‘Erotica? What is that’ said Claudia

‘Erotica?’ I said ‘It’s a big show each year where there’s all sorts of sexy stuff, videos, lingerie, clothes, art, just about everything. I took them there last year because I had free passes’

‘He’s a photographer’ said Fred ‘he goes to all these great clubs and events’

‘I’m getting cold’ I said ‘do you want to try the jacuzzi?’

All three of them agreed so we got out of the water and dropped into the nice hot jacuzzi. We had it all to ourselves, Fred and Ginger sat next to each other, holding hands under the water, Claudia sat opposite them, and I was in between.

Fred slid down so that she was in the jacuzzi up to her neck, her long legs stretched out next to Claudia. Ginger moved forward so that one arm was resting on Fred’s stomach. Claudia relaxed and sat back letting her arms and legs fall outwards.

We talked about Erotica and the clubs we went to and Claudia was really interested. I watched Ginger absently playing with Fred’s bikini bottom, her fingers trailing along the waistband and occasionally darting inside. Claudia gesticulated, her hand brushing against Fred’s leg and I suddenly realised that she was interested in Fred and Ginger.

We talked for a while and I noticed that Claudia’s hands would occasionally touch either Fred or Ginger. I was quite jealous as I had never allowed myself to get close to them like that but here was a stranger touching them up and they loved it. If only I’d been a girl. But then I suppose I wouldn’t have been interested in either Fred or Ginger. Ah the iniquities of life.

Eventually we all got tired of the Jacuzzi and after another little swim we headed out. Ginger invited Claudia to dinner with us and she accepted. We went off to another little Thai restaurant nearby that Ginger was interested in trying out. Claudia was dressed quite simply in faded jeans and a tight cropped t shirt that showed off her curvy figure. Her hair was short and curly. We talked through the meal and then all the way back to the flat where things started to get interesting.

Fred, Ginger and Claudia all sat together on the sofa, cuddled up against each other. Meanwhile I was pouring drinks while they chatted. Feeling bold, I made a suggestion.

‘How about we play a little game of spanking’ I said

Claudia looked at me, her mouth set in a little moue ‘I’m sorry but I’m not interested in men’ she said.

‘Oh’ I said

‘How about we let him watch’ said Ginger ‘he’s really a nice bloke and won’t do anything we don’t ask him to. He’s really trustworthy’

‘Actually, I’d quite like to be spanked’ said Fred with a little tipsy slur.

‘Come and sit on my lap then you naughty girl’ I said ‘and these two can put on a show for us’

Fred stood up, a bit wobbly and sat down in my lap. Ginger and Claudia looked at each other and shrugged simultaneously then reached out for each other. They kissed, hesitantly at first and then deeply, their tongues grasping together. Letting go of each other they both took off their tops and trousers, leaving them in just their underwear. Ginger was wearing black panties and a bra and Claudia had on a tiny pink thong and a lacy pink bra.

Fred undid her top too and wiggled out of her skirt so that her naked bottom was seated on my lap. I slid my hand under her so that it was cupping one cheek. Meanwhile Ginger has pushed Claudia down so that she was lying on the sofa with Ginger on top of her and they were kissing again. Claudia’s hands were grasping Gingers pale bottom firmly, pulling her into Claudia. Ginger was undoing Claudia’s bra at the same time and it loosened a moment later revealing firm dark tipped breasts. Quickly pulling the bra of Ginger took hold of one dark nipple with her lips, sucking on it hard to pull the flesh into her mouth where her tongue and teeth teased the tip. Claudia cried out.

‘Suck my tits yes’

Fred leaned forward and wiggled around to present her bottom to me. Looking over her shoulder she said ‘I’d like that spanking now please’

I cupped Fred’s cheek in my hand again and let the softest of slaps fall onto it.

‘Harder’ said Fred, her eyes devouring Ginger and Claudia ‘do it harder’

I slapped her again with more force and she twitched a little.

‘Harder’ she said ‘you can do it harder please’

I hit her bottom with a decent slap, my hand making a sharp noise as it hammered her soft flesh.

‘That’s it’ said Fred ’keep going. You can do it hard if you want to’

I hit her again, hitting the other cheek this time and noticed the lightest of red marks on the first cheek. Fred sighed with pleasure as she watched Ginger mauling Claudia’s ripe breasts with her tongue. One hand trailed down to her crotch and she started playing with herself.

Ginger had now worked her way down Claudia’s body and had removed the tiny pink thong. Claudia was completely shaved and Ginger ran broad strokes of her tongue over the pristine mound before working her way down and inside. Claudia’s cries quickly became more intense as Ginger worked her tongue over Claudia’s clit and she soon came.

I had been steadily working on Fred’s bottom and it now had a gentle pink flush all over, more intense where I had landed repeated blows. Fred’s finger’s worked in and out of her wet pussy and she was breathing heavily.

‘My turn’ said Ginger sitting up, her chin wet with Claudia’s juices…

Despite being as popular as a ham sandwich at a kosher wedding I stayed over because the next day I had arranged to do a shoot for one of the club flyers with Fred and Ginger in their place. The theme was a pyjama party and Fred and Ginger had hauled out their best sexy nightwear the day before for me to shoot them in.

Fred and Ginger also came to my other fetish event, The Furnace, and it was there that we started to get involved. Although Fred and Ginger were a couple, Fred was bisexual and Ginger suggested, in a humorous manner at first, that the three of us get intimate at the club. Naturally I jumped at the chance as both Fred and Ginger were very attractive and rather adventurous.

Our first encounter was in one of the booths at the club, on this occasion Fred was wearing nothing but bodypaint, heels and a matching sarong so Fred sat on my lap and I nuzzled her neck while Ginger ducked under the table…

A week or so later I turned up for the toys shoot with a big bag of kit only to discover that Ginger was feeling very poorly. Fred gamely offered to carry on while Ginger had some sleep and then later we could work together if Ginger was feeling better. I clamped chains between Fred’s nipples, helped her into a bright blue strapon, and she brightly bounced and slid around on some other toys but I could feel that her heart wasn’t really in it so we wrapped up as quick as we could and spent the rest of the afternoon drinking tea and chatting about old roleplaying games.

Later on Ginger had recovered and the three of us went out for a Thai meal at a local restaurant. Ginger was feeling slightly better and had taken some medicine to combat her headache. The conversation turned to work and I asked how they were getting on with finding new places. Fred had an offer to work at a shop down in Camden but Ginger’s applications had all fallen flat which was one of the reasons for her poor mood and resulting headache.

Ginger complained that she didn’t want Fred working in the shop that had offered her a job because they were just exploiting her and that they didn’t offer fair work. Fred said that they weren’t like that and she just wanted to get some work so that they had some money coming in. They began to argue and I sat back unable to divert the bickering and not wanting to choose sides. Eventually Fred started to cry and Ginger sat there sullenly. The rest of the meal went almost silently with both of them in bad moods and I went home shortly after the meal was over.

Over the next couple of weeks I didn’t visit Fred and Ginger but I did get a couple of phone calls from each of them. They had been arguing constantly and needed me to sympathise with them. The calls were very hard to handle as I really liked both girls and didn’t want to take sides in their argument. They had also moved into a new houseshare with a bunch of guys and their rent had gone up considerably. Fred’s parents had loaned them some money to tide them over but with neither Fred nor Ginger earning any money things were quite strained between them. So one thing led to another and what seemed at first unthinkable became at last inevitable and the pair split up.

After Fred and Ginger split up I ended up spending some time with Ginger as she was somewhat down, doing some little photographic or computer favours for her at her new flat, which was a huge house she shared with seven other people. It was very luxurious and even had its own mini sauna. One quiet Saturday, after fixing her laptop, Ginger asked me to massage her back in the sauna.

This time there was no lifeguard to cut short our sauna session. Ginger was soon stripped down to her thong and I worked my way up and down her back, occasionally ‘accidentally’ stroking the side of one breast or another. She relaxed further and I worked my way down over her bottom, onto her legs, and down to her feet.

‘I wish you were a girl’ Ginger sighed, ‘you’re so nice’.

This wasn’t the first time I’d heard a similar sentiment and it always annoyed me. A few months previous the Delightful Dierdre had told me that she wished she could find someone like me. The subtext being of course that she meant someone like me, but thinner. The thing is that I am who I am and I’m a whole package. You can’t just pick and choose what to like in a person, and telling them that you only like a bit of them is fairly insulting, even if it’s meant as a compliment.

However I managed to bite back my initial surge of anger and thankfully remembered something Ginger had told me about herself.

‘Didn’t you say you used to go out with men?’ I asked her, my voice as soft as I could make it.

‘Yes, but I never actually slept with any of them. The closest I got was when Ashley went down on me for twenty minutes and I finally came.’ She said as she turned over to lie on her side and look at me, her small breasts gleaming with sweat and tipped with soft pink nipples.

After a while I remembered to speak. ‘Did you ever try again?’

‘No, I met my first girlfriend at uni and I’ve only been with girls since then.’

‘You know, it’s funny, but I was just thinking that you’d be much better off if you were just a tiny bit straight.’ I realised as soon as I said this that I was doing exactly what I’d complained about others doing but the words had just come out without me thinking.

‘What do you mean?’

Oh well I’ve started digging a hole I might as well finish it. ‘I mean’ picking my words carefully ‘that if you had an understanding boyfriend who was willing to cooperate you could have the best of both worlds. A stable relationship and all the pussy you can eat.’


‘No really. Imagine for a moment that there’s a guy out there who loves you but hasn’t said a word about it because you’ve declared yourself one hundred percent girls only. If that guy were to think that maybe there’s a one percent chance of his affection being returned then maybe he’d speak up.’

Ginger just looked at me saying nothing.

‘and then, if you took him up on his offer you’d have someone who adores you and supports you but understands that you need to enjoy the intimate company of women. Hell, I’m sure most guys would give their left nut for a girlfriend who brought home other women on a regular basis.’

I realised that Ginger still hadn’t said anything, so I faltered, and came to an abrupt stop.

Time stood still for a while

and a while longer.

‘Loves me?’ said Ginger.


‘You said a guy who loves me but has kept quiet so far. Who do you mean?’

‘Err. Well I was speaking hypothetically.’

‘Oh’ she said sitting up ‘I’m going to shower, will you help me wash my back?’


So we stepped from the heat of the sauna to the relative cold of the shower room. Ginger fired up the shower and stripped off her thong and flip flops. I watched as she soaped herself up while I stripped off, trying to ignore my awkward erection. I t soon died down, probably out of embarrassment if nothing else, as I stepped into the shower and poured shower gel into my hands.

‘Turn your back to me’ I said and Ginger did so without a word. I worked the gel into her back, the suds sliding down and over her buttocks and legs.

I realised then that I’d fucked something up badly. Here I was showering with a gorgeous redhead and somehow it was as arousing as tying up my shoelaces.

‘Listen’ I said ‘it’s getting late and I’d better get going, I’ve got all of London to cross and I still have to finish off the flyers for the club.’

‘Okay’ murmured Ginger.

I stepped out of the shower, feeling deflated and stupid, towelled down and got dressed. Ginger wrapped herself in a big fluffy dressing gown and stepped out of the room towelling her hair dry.

I slung on my jacket, stuffed my feet in my boots, threw my tank bag over my shoulder, and picked up my helmet. There was no sign of Ginger so I shouted a goodbye at the house in general, got a couple of muted replies, and opened the front door.  I felt a hand on my arm and turned round to find Ginger kissing me before I had a chance to think.

‘Will you stay for a while’ she said once we parted for air.

‘Uh, sure. Of course. Yeah, anything.’ I stammered.

We climbed the stairs back to her attic flat, which, as the newest person in the house, was where she was placed. As soon as we were through the door I kissed her deeply, and we collapsed onto her sofa. I slid my hands under her robe caressing her smooth soft skin. I lifted my mouth from hers and worked my kisses downwards, the side of her neck. The slopes of her breasts, her hardening nipples, and the succulent flesh of her stomach.

‘I don’t know if I can’ she burst out.

‘Close your eyes and relax’ I said ‘I’ll take it slowly.’

I kissed my way across her stomach and over her tightly trimmed pubes, my hands parting her thighs. Taking it slowly I kissed her inner thighs, inching my way towards her pussy. Eventually my mouth found its way and my tongue stroked her labia. I sought out her clitoris and circled it with the tip of my tongue. Meanwhile my hands moved up to cup her breasts my thumbs rubbing the pink tips.

Ten minutes later, my tongue flicking across her clit for the millionth time, Ginger’s legs clamped around my head as she finally orgasmed.

Then, to my eternal gratitude, she said ‘You’re as good as a girl’

‘Let’s go to bed’ I said


We got up and Ginger helped me out of my clothes as we headed for her boudoir which was on a ledge half a dozen steps above her attic floor amongst the rafters of the house. When it rained she would be able to hear every drop striking the roof. Ginger slipped under the quilt and into bed and I cuddled up behind her, my erection pressing into her butt.

‘Can we just cuddle for a while?’ she asked.

‘Of course’

We wiggled together for a moment getting comfortable.

‘Your cock is pressing right into my arse’

‘It’ll calm down in a minute; all he knows is that he’s in bed with a beautiful woman’

‘I don’t know if this will work out’

‘We can take it easy. I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to’

‘Let’s try this’ she said and slipped her arm between us, her hand sliding over my belly, I wriggled a little to make a space between us.

‘You’re so hairy’

Her fingers trailed across my pubes and onto my penis. She stroked it with just her fingertips for a while, getting familiar with the shape.

‘It’s so big’ she whispered.

‘Not really. Just a little bigger than average’ I replied trying to avert any possible worries.

Her fingers explored further until she wrapped her hand around the head.

‘What’s this?’

‘It’s my piercing, it’s a Prince Albert’

‘It’s huge’

‘Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. It’s very good for stimulating the G-spot’



She slid her hand down my penis and then back up again.

‘Like this?’ she asked.

‘Hold it here’ I said moving her hand to the right place ‘you can squeeze it tighter’

She took a firmer grip and worked her hand back and forth. I moved my hand to place it on her breast and stroked her nipple to hardness. Ginger’s hand started moving faster and I was breathing deeper while placing kisses on the nape of her neck.

‘Right. Let’s do this’ Ginger said ‘I think I’m ready’

‘Me too’

She hesitated for a moment and then said ‘Have you got a condom?’

Shit. Shitty fucking shit. No I didn’t have a condom. Why would I. After all I was visiting a lesbian friend, why on earth would I bring a fucking condom.

‘Err. No’


‘Do you think one of your flatmates might have one?’

‘I’m not asking them, they think I’m a lesbian. If I start asking them for condoms they’ll want to know why and ask questions I don’t want to answer right now’

‘Fair enough. It’s too late to go out and buy one though’ I replied ‘Do you want me to down on you again?’

‘It’s all right’ Let’s just cuddle for a while’

So we cuddled and fell asleep and in the morning we kissed for a while and had Sunday breakfast together.

‘Let’s have a proper date’ I suggested.

‘I’d like that’ Ginger said with a smile.

‘Next Friday? I’ll pick you up at seven and we’ll watch a movie and have dinner’


So we spent the next week calling each other every day and on Friday Ginger called me with bad news. ‘I can’t make our date tonight’ she said ‘I have to visit my mum and dad’

‘That’s okay’ I said ‘where are they, maybe I can give you a lift?’

‘They’re near Nottingham. I have to take the train this afternoon’

Shame, Nottingham was just too far to be comfortable on the bike and Friday afternoon traffic would be murder on the Jag.

‘Okay, so a raincheck then? Same again next week?’

‘Love to. See you soon’

‘Au revoir’

We never did get to have that date. Ginger ended up staying with her folks for two weeks as circumstances conspired against her and by the time she was done she’d lost her job and had to move out of the flat too. So she moved back with her parents and I couldn’t get up to visit her for a couple of months by which time the magic moment we’d had had faded and things we’re back the way they were before.

C’est la vie.